Ekotura Inflatable Water Park opens in Sonora – Mexico

In a paradise, with the most beautiful sunsets that you have ever imagined, in a place called Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, more specifically in the Playa del Cortés hotel, is the Ekotura inflatable water park, a place full of excitement for the whole family .

It is an AquaOrb inflatable water park that consists of 43 modules, which are strategically located to provide fun for more than 125 users simultaneously, from children and youth to adults.

This is a unique project, whose planning began in 2018, was acquired at the end of 2019 and was delayed by the current situation of the global pandemic by COVID19 that we are experiencing, it was received by Ekotura at the end of March 2020, finally its installation was only carried out until September of this year 2020.

Entrance fee

Its entry cost is $ 250,000 MX, for this value you can get 60 minutes of happiness and adventure jumping, climbing, sliding and swinging in the different inflatable water attractions.

Its modules allow the participation of all family members, having different levels of difficulty, everyone has the opportunity to test their physical dexterity, coordination and agility.

You can visit the official Ekotura website here and get more details.

It was a completely successful installation, carried out by our clients accompanied by our constant online advice and detailed installation and operation manuals.

This project that generates great hope for the tourism industry, as it will be a key element for its reactivation after the crisis caused by the pandemic. It is currently in operation, and becoming a benchmark for adventure and fun for the northeast region of Mexico.

Get to know them

You can follow them on Instagram as @ekotura, to learn more about this fun Mexican paradise. To learn more about our inflatable water parks, enter here.


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