Brands of inflatable floating water parks

Parque Acuáitoc Inflable Floating water park AquaOrb

Brands of inflatable floating water parks

The inflatable floating water park industry is expanding fast, growing by leaps and bounds. Hundreds of parks are installed annually around the world, on beaches, bays and lakes, by hotel chains, businessmen, and visionaries who believe in the inflatable entertainment industry and who bet on the global reactivation of tourism after so many months of crisis due to COVID 19 pandemic.

As the demand for floating inflatable water parks and their derivatives grows, so do brands in the industry. In this short article, we want to highlight the main brands of floating inflatable water parks and inflatable water games to help you in your research process of which can be your best option and not be fooled by Chinese factories that promise you the best quality products at the best price.

There are many brands of floating inflatable water parks but only a few are the most outstanding due to their excellent quality of workmanship, materials, safety, warranty and after sales support. Remember, you can never compare a brand like Wibit, Aquaglide, AquaOrb or any other, to a Chinese manufacturer.

Most recognized brands

Some of the most recognized floating inflatable water park brands worldwide are:

• Wibit Sports (Germany) –
• Aquaglide (United States) –
AquaOrb (United States) –
Aquafun (Germany) –
Union Aquaparks (United States) –

All of the above have important differences, but within the framework of international safety and quality standards, they all meet requirements. In the case of AquaOrb® Inflatables, it is a solid, young brand with great projection and growth in the inflatable entertainment scene.


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