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The first inflatable water park in El Salvador – Ilopango – Vía Vela

The first inflatable water park in El Salvador came to bring a lot of fun and tourism to the Ilopango region, and at AquaOrb® we are very proud to be part of this development. In Apulo, the Mayor's Office of Ilopango installed an AquaOrb® brand inflatable water park of approximately…
Parque Acuáitoc Inflable Floating water park AquaOrb

Brands of inflatable floating water parks

Brands of inflatable floating water parks The inflatable floating water park industry is expanding fast, growing by leaps and bounds. Hundreds of parks are installed annually around the world, on beaches, bays and lakes, by hotel chains, businessmen, and visionaries who believe in the inflatable entertainment industry and who bet…
Aquafest Parque Acuático Inflable

A new Inflatable Water Park comes to Mexico – AquaFest Park

In this month of November 2021, the AquaFest Park was inaugurated, an incredible inflatable water park manufactured by AquaOrb®, which is located on the beautiful La Audiencia beach - Manzanillo, Mexico. With a capacity for up to 80 users simultaneously, this Inflatable Water Park has 27 modules full of fun…

Our first Inflatable Water Park in Doha, Qatar – Asia

In western Asia, in the Arabic Peninsula, a fascinating place for its culture, smells, flavors, contrasts between the historical and the modern, its warm and soft sand beaches, is Doha, a charming city in Qatar, which is part of the new 7 wonder cities of the world, with its imposing…

Ekotura Inflatable Water Park opens in Sonora – Mexico

In a paradise, with the most beautiful sunsets that you have ever imagined, in a place called Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, more specifically in the Playa del Cortés hotel, is the Ekotura inflatable water park, a place full of excitement for the whole family . It is an AquaOrb inflatable water…
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