How to choose the right supplier for your inflatable water games

Are you ready to learn how to choose your inflatable supplier?

Choosing the right supplier for the purchase of inflatables is one of the most important decisions that is made when starting an inflatable amusement project and investing in inflatable water attractions for the company. Knowing how to choose the right supplier to make this investment is not easy since there are several aspects to consider.

Ask yourself the following questions before making a decision:

Whats your best option?

Have several alternatives before choosing your supplier of inflatable games. It is important to be able to compare suppliers, and analyze the most important aspects that generate full confidence for your transaction. Compare quality, security, pre-sale and post-sale service, warranty terms, secure payment methods, shipping methods with no hidden charges, and lastly, prices. Works with recognized brands, and manufacturers with experience in the inflatable industry, and that can provide you with guarantees and can meet your objectives to achieve the success of your project.

Does the supplier generates me trust?

It is important to feel comfortable in the negotiation and that the supplier generates the tranquility and confidence that you need to make a safe investment. Choose a brand or incorporated companies and not resellers on pages like alibaba. The support, professionalism, security that a company gives you cannot be sacrificed for a low price. Always ask for legal company documents, testimonials from other clients, bank references. You are investing to achieve a dream, do not put your money in any supplier that will disappoint you and withdraw from it. Choose a supplier that is located in a country that generates confidence and your investment is not at risk. There are many low quality companies in China that will frustrate you.

The supplier is a brand, a legally constituted company or a reseller?

It is important that you work with suppliers that can support the negotiation and not with resellers or intermediaries (trading companies). With your own manufacturing company / brand like AquaOrb, you have great advantages, minimize the risks of a bad business, and you can completely customize your orders. Always make sure that the company or brand is legally established in the country with which you are negotiating; This will give you more confidence. Always request corporate registration of the company so that you can verify it. The location of the company greatly influences decision making.

is the price reasonable?

In inflatables, a low price is reflected in low quality, and a high price does not necessarily mean the best. You will find very low prices with Chinese suppliers, but you are exposed to scams, low quality, defective products, shell companies; On the other hand, you will find very high prices with German brand (such as Wibit), European and American companies, satisfying the same quality as AquaOrb Inflables. And this is very related, since the cost of high-quality plastic is high, especially those of higher caliber and premium.

Is the material quality good or premium?

Ask about the material and make sure they send you proof of it. There are different qualities of tarps and different thicknesses. Not all are for commercial use and there are some of better quality and greater resistance than others. Compared to Chinese suppliers and other American and European companies, which use Regular PVC Tarpaulin of 0.65mm caliber, AquaOrb uses 0.9mm caliber Premium PVC Tarpaulin in its aquatic inflatables.

Check out the differences between regular and premium PVC tarpaulin.

Has the service been good?

It is important that the customer service provided is always exceptional. Good customer service guarantees establishing a good lasting business relationship. At AquaOrb we go beyond selling a product, we are committed to being part of the success of your project and always provide you with the advice you require and the best customer service. The pre-sale and post-sale service are essential for a healthy and transparent negotiation.

Can I customize my inflatables?

It is a great advantage to be able to customize your inflatables to your liking, and not all aquatic inflatable companies allow it, or at least not for free. At AquaOrb this is one of our added values. We allow our clients to choose the color of the inflatables and print their brand logo, and in most cases at no additional cost. This is because all orders produced as they come and not an existing inventory that limits your customization.

What warranty does my product have?

Select suppliers whose products give you quality warranty, warranty terms for defects and can comply with them. Keep in mind that the products you work with will influence the satisfaction of your end customers. Beyond offering you a warranty, it is important to require the supplier that the products be inspected before being shipped. At AquaOrb, we handle up to 24 months of limited warranty, to provide you with the security that our customers need and all our orders are inspected by the quality control department prior to being shipped to the customer.

Check out our warranty term for inflatables.

Payment methods are secure?

Ensuring the security of transactions is important in any negotiation. Make sure that the payment methods are verified, safe and preferably done through recognized entities. Never deposit 100% of the order if you don’t know the supplier. Accept payment terms such as 50% to start the order. Always use the most convenient means for you to protect your investment.

Check out our payment forms and terms.

Can the supplier coordinate and handle the international shipping?

Not all suppliers are going to handle the shipping nor help you coordinate it, or if they do, they will want to charge you extra or win at the offered rates. Make sure that the supplier you choose, apart from selling the products, has strategic alliances with international shipping companies and can guarantee safe, low-cost and seamless international logistics. At AquaOrb Inflatables, we handle the export of the products and work with the largest international shipping companies to offer our customers the best rates.

Check out the international shipping methods we offer.

Remember to avoid scams from Chinese suppliers contacted by Alibaba or other portals. Many of these are just brokers or shell companies. Some of the most common scams are:

1) Total loss of your money paid because you never received the products after your purchase. (these were never sent).

2) They promise you a high caliber or quality and you receive a smaller caliber and a lower quality in the inflatable material. Especially with Chinese suppliers or resellers in local portals.

3) Be deceived by swindling employees, interfering in the negotiation and requesting payment to personal accounts and not to the company itself.

4) Making payment to a company with a bad reputation, where your money is at risk.

5) They promise to comply with the warranty terms, they promise you the best service, the best quality, just to capture your business and money. You will have a nightmare choosing the wrong supplier.

We want the investment in inflatable attractions that you are making to be safe and bring success to your project. Choose well, keep in mind all the points mentioned above, which make a supplier the most qualified, and make the best decision.

We hope this article helps you choose right.


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